Friday, November 30, 2012

11/30 - Nicer day....Nursery

Had Tom O. and his 6 year old son Drew aboard today.

I was excited over yesterday's trip in Mill Cove, because the calm shallow water where anchoring isn't a hassle and where I have more anchor chain than it is deep.......Was a complete 180 from yesterday!

Sure little Drew reeled in twice the fish we caught yesterday. Trout and Redfish. B-U-T, everything was so small.
Loads of small Trout, and Reds.

Drew didn't care. But adults Dad and I, did.

It was super nice. Alot warmer, no wind, but the two areas we fished yesterday never gave up a fish, today.

Well, that's one thing out of my control. But "oh so common" here in J-ville. Over night a whole area can change.

I guess from now on, I'll only be going into the cove when it's cold, 20 knots of wind, and a new or full moon. Today we had one out of three of those conditions. Without the wind, the current was 1/2 of what it was yesterday.

Little Drew did get to reel a 22 inch Redfish. Dad was proud of him.

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