Sunday, January 20, 2013

1/20 - Exciting month?

Sooo, what been going on?  Well, I see no less than 10 people signing up to read this blog per week. SO? What ya'll waiting on? Let's go fishing!

There's absolutely nothing wrong with fishing in January here in Jax Fla.  Finally, that 80 degree weather went away, and as of Friday & Saturday the 40 MPH gusting winds I'm sure snapped us back into what and where we

should be this time of year.

Although, I felt like a "Yankee Captain." working on the boat all weekend tightening her up a bit, instead of fishing with customers. Today, was one sweet weather day, that's for sure. Not warm, and not cold.

Had two guys cancel out on me for Friday morning. I was supposed to serve up certain fish species, obviously. And my plan to hunker down and Sheepshead fish.  Because of the possible wind direction. Wasn't one of those species they wanted to catch, I was told. And the last thing you should be doing is sitting in a bar all night before you go fishing. I know Beer drinking makes me lazy as a Cat.

Yep, fishing isn't like a restaurant. There isn't any menu to order off of. If so, it's called TV fishing show fishing. Where they fished for 4 days straight wearing the same colored shirts!

Ya'll burn your wicks short over the holidays?  No one allowed to go fishing in January?

Not me. I've had Epic days in January. Like the one the two guys had last January, which had them thinking all years are exactly the same.

My customers ought to be apppreciative. That I do A LOT of solo fishing on my own, or with my buddy Doc Miller during the winter. Spending that gas money. SO I KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON OUT THERE......while other guides go hunting, or don't even fish unless customers are on board!

So when I say NO we aren't catching Sailfish or Tarpon right now..."head to Miami and the keys for that", like the phone call I had today.

Like I've preached for 16 year.....Florida has winter too.

Especially NE Florida. No, it's not thongs and cosmopolitan magazine photo shoots on the beach in Jan. & Feb. But then again, you only need to know ENGLISH around here. Nothing else.

This coming week has some realy good falling tides all week long. PRIOR to the full moon on next Sunday.

If I was going. I'd work on this week.

And this is how to celebrate a nice day out fishing.

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