Wednesday, January 16, 2013

1/15 - STILL TO NICE...??

The weather's too nice.

Yeah, you'd think it would be great (the weather that is) for tourism, the fish, snow-birds, and fishing. But everyone has burned their wick, as all the Holidays are over now.  Ya'll in the snow and cold......YOU MISSED IT!

The weather's supposed to "turn-back" to winter. (talked to a guy in Chicago today. Up there was 10 degrees this morning)

And here I am complaining about 78 degrees in January.....YOU BET!!!!!

IF YOU FOLLOW these daily reports you know that the Doggies....AKA: The Dogfish (small toothless sharks) were a super problem just days ago. And so was the NEW MOON. ( see last video from just days ago)

Both are now over. And we never saw a "doggie" all day long. But the fishing was still S-L-O-W for T-R-O-U-T!
Which had Doc and I, not all that happy.

It's all about EFFORT versus BIG TROUT in the box, at days end.  Today, we worked hard. And the box was lean at days end.


We had a few throw-back trout, one pup Red, and what ya saw at the end of the video. The 5-Trout to 22" and a 7 pound Sheepshead.

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