Monday, January 7, 2013

1/5 - Much Nicer Day

Long story short.

The day before was pretty nasty. And as you can see we had to leave in the dark to catch the last minutes of falling tide in the Video.

Well, I had Gabe & Donna aboard 24 hrs later and it was a much nice day. Sunny, warmer. And they were kind enough to be really early. So we too could depart in the dark and catch as much falling tide as we possibly could.

Only thing..........The fish didn't bite as well as they did in the NASTY weather the day before. GO FIGURE. It's like that alot. Those day when I would run up into Mill Cove when the tide was super high, being pushed by near gale force winds out of the North, raining as we departed, and super cold.  THAT'S WHEN THEY'D BE ON FIRE!

You go back the next day when the "NOReaster is over", and you struggle!

That's what we sort of did today. That falling tide just didn't run all that long. But that of course is when all the bites came.

Donna catching the best Trout. (of course, always bring your best Gal!!) And maybe she even caught the most too.
But the most out of not many, wasn't my usual style...

Gabe & Donna came to learn about the float-rig. And I tried to show them the most I could with out all that much action. But they got the picture.

Funny thing is that we didn't have a single under 15" Trout the whole day. They boxed I think, the start of 2 limits, but fell short by 4 fish. Keeping 8 up to 19-20".
After about 9am, the tide slowed and started to creep in, and that's when the water temp changed. And we started to struggle at the jetty rocks.
NO LACK of "green scourge" bites. The ever present eat at least half your baits Bluefish. If there's a reason to run far south on the river. The inlet Bluefish are it.

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