Friday, January 4, 2013

1/4 - Cold, Breezy, Low tide, LIMITS!

Yeah, I have been preaching...."as winter sets in for awhile it seems that the big bites turn into just low tide bites at the jetties."

So Doc Miller and I depart at zero dark thirty and al ready have them in the boat before sun-up. Had a few pesky bluefish, but they weren't that bad. Had a few Redbass, with one keeper. A perfect eater (in my opinion) a 19 incher.

But as you can see. Cappy "Gator Trout" Dave  gets a fattie. A nice 7 pounder!  We had such a ball. No one was around, and as far as Doc and I, these are the kind of days we live for. Last minute, cold, breezy, leave really early, get the right tide, and fill the box with a limit of beautiful winter Trout.

Plus we released a bunch.

So it was an active morning.......but as the tide rose "as usual for this time of year". The action fell off.

Fine, Fine eating. Once again.

The LAST SHRIMP even caught a fish!

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