Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2/13 - what a day...

Without going into it all too deep......Wow, today sure was a struggle.

-It blew
-It rained
-Yeah, we got wet
-Yeah my sounder was acting up "again" because it gets wet (?).
-We fished our butts off.

Had three great guys from Illinois out on the Jettywolf. And our fishing success/or non-success, wasn't from a LACK of trying.

We fished for Sheepshead on rock piles, hard edges, oysters & barnacles, and then the North Jetty rocks.

Here's a little Video I did of this morning before, just before it started lightning and raining. Not long after we picked up and ran east, away from it. But it followed us.

At the Jetties we were the only boat out there......Wow, now that's a rarity!!

And we couldn't give away a fiddler crab to any fish! So we packed it in.

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