Saturday, February 16, 2013

2/16 - Brrrrr...but FUN!

Had Ray & his wife Lynda aboard the Jettywolf today. The forecast had changed three times since Ray called me asking about getting in on my Feb. blog readers discount, announced via the newsletter I sent out.

Say ya never got it......"well take me out of your spam file."

As a matter of fact 4 blog readers called or emailed me and got in on this months special. Which is over Feb 28th.

So with that said. We departed early this morn at 7am. The looming forecast was 20-25 kts by this afternoon. Gusts to gale force!

Dang we better get to fishin'.  So I ran straight to the jetties. Float-rigged the last of the falling tide there. And had NO LOVE at all. Nothing but mini Seabass.

So to grab more tide, we fished the Litl' Jetties. Ray got one under sizer Speck. Damn, what's up with this?

Time to pull a good fish outa my hat and fast. We made a move again and that's where Lynda shined.
Her first drift on the new spot and B-A-M......a sweetheart Trout.

Then, she got two as Ray caught a Sheepshead on the float-rig......DOUBLE-HEADER!

The tide slowed so we switched over to vertical Sheepshead fishing on the same spot and also had lunch. Lynda was the hot rod, putting "HARD EARNED", Trout in the fish box. But at the same time Ray was getting bit, because as I inspected his hook, it was bent closed!

He was getting Sheepshead bites. And they were closing and bending his hook!

But now, we were on the vertical thing. And oh is this a hard to master fishery for someone brand new.
Loads of bites, especially after I moved over to my favorite under water ledge and rock pile.

There we had two more Sheepshead. Lynda scoring again!

Here she is showing Ray what happens when ya get a hook into them.

This spot is a small Sheeps spot, though. A lot of those 12-14 inchers live here, that can "pop" that fiddler crab off the hook in a nano-second!

But, Ray and lynda were a blast to have aboard. Good natured folks. Out for a fun day.

And right on time at 12:00 noon here came the blasting wind. My anchor was dragging constantly. So we stayed with it. It was Ray's turn to show us he had it in him, to feel the bite and set the hook fast enough. But after awhile we opted to head back and clean the fish we kept. When the boat snatched the anchor loose for the 4th time as we whipped  back and forth in the high winds that were bucking the flood tide.

We kept enough for lunch. And Ray & Lynda were heading over to Singletons for a fish fry after fishing, but I think after warming up first.

As I write this report at 7pm, I still have a chill in my bones I can't shake. But that's a good thang!


Steph said...

Dave, do you have a charter for the El Cheapo? Or are you fishing as an entry yourself?

Capt. Dave Sipler said...

I fished it the 1st two years when it was just 50 boats. But, as you know I'm not into crowds. So I just don't fish it.

I don't have a chance in hell of catching a monster sheepshead, like most people don't.