Thursday, March 14, 2013

3/14 - Kids Trip

I actually went out this morning 6:30am and did some playing around with some video. But, by 8am I was frozen!

It still ain't spring yet, folks. I know some people are hurrying full blown summer to be here.

"I'M NOT". (I'm dreading the heat that I know is coming)

But I had a call for Kingfishing the other day. But then again, I've had calls for Blue Marlin fishing in February, while I was at the jetties and it was blowing 20 kts and 20 degrees!

Not many people actually do any home work. They just want, what they want.

But, March is still winter in JAX.

With that said. I'd had enough of the cold wind. So I went home. (takes me all of 5 minutes to get home) No biggy.

My couple hour Kids Trip wasn't till 1:00pm.

I ate some breakfast. Two giant pancakes and 3 over-easy eggs. And checked My Ebay page, and checked my e-mail.

So, 2 kids 8 & 14 and Dad for a few hours in the afternoon. The wind is supposed to back off and it'll be warmer. Tide was high and not moving, as we started. So we stopped by the Croaker spot and waited for the tide to start, catching just a few Croak's.

We moved on and hit a spot that was  a "level 10" spot. I always say, better have your all your "stuff" in one sock, when your float goes down. There's not a lot of room for error.

I had my butt handed to me...breaking me off in the structure. "THEY'RE HERE!!", I told John as I looked at my broken leader.

Then, he was up next. His float went down and he was ON!

It was a B-I-G Redbass!  Drag pulling, Ugly Stik bowing!

John let the kids take s a few turns. But this was a bit more than they could handle.

Without any problems (thank goodness) the Red popped up next to the boat and it was a big one!

32 incher...about 12 pounds.

We packed it in and headed back to the dock. And when I got home. I was finally warm again.


Jonathan Klein said...


Jonathan Klein said...


Capt. Dave Sipler said...

It was such a nice Red...Jonathan K. said it twice!!

Mmmm, impressive.

Thanks Jonathan. Yes, if you only have time to catch ONE.

It better be a "nice one".


Jonathan Klein said...

One is better than none and I'm sure the kids enjoyed it. I'll probably be back home around the end of May and I've got two different people wanting to do two different charters with you. Do the speckled trout still bite pretty good around that time of the year?

Capt. Dave Sipler said...

They can. Depends on how hot it is. And if so, the days over by noon.
But we depart at 5:45am on weekends.

Remember, bazzaro world. One year is never the same as the next. So it's hard to guess.

Jonathan Klein said...

Ok well I guess we'll just have to wait and see and as far as departure time goes we're all used to waking up early so really the earlier the better. I'm also gonna try to schedule the trips on two back to back days during the week because I sure don't want to be fighting through crouds to get to a fishing spot. Would it be alright with you to schedule them back to back?

Capt. Dave Sipler said...

if the weathers good....

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