Friday, March 22, 2013

3/21 - Radical change..."slow tide"

Jus' stand on you boat deck for about an hour anchored in the middle of the St. Johns River near the coast. And probably within that hour's time. The weather (IE: wind, clouds, temp, sunshine, humidity, etc.) will change. ESPECIALLY THIS TIME OF YEAR!

This is a transitional time of year there is NO doubt. And there's NO planning for it. Because YOU (and  especially I, as your guide) cannot determine what the heck the weather is going to be like. While we're out there fishing.

Oh was Wednesday's charter with Alan & Cassie fun, although the weather was for crap. So, we as "Humans" think that if the weather's going to be better the next day, "then the fishing has to be as good if not better."  


I had Dan and his visiting brother Jim aboard the Jettywolf on Thursday. It was brighter, not really warmer, but at least we'd see sun. The wind was blowing......"but when is it NOT blowing in March?"

I had huge plans. I was going to kinda follow the successful pattern of yesterday, with Alan & Cassie.

Well, the first spot pretty much set the precedence for the whole morning.  NO BITES, and attack of the Pinfish!

I don't know what I actually despise more. Pinner's or Bluefish......"Right now I'll say Pinners!!!"

Okay, on ward we trekked. Next spot, spot, Zippola.....Yeah, you read that right.
Float-rigs, seriously sweet big Gulf live shrimp and couldn't give them away. last spot in the river, while no tide was even moving. Two Bluefish.

Oh great. Pinners & green scourge fish. What a bite.

"Okay, fella's. It's time to go to the BIG rocks. If we can't get bit there. I can't help ya. It's just a BUST." I told Dan & Jim.

We get out there and it's dead calm. Slick-Slick-Slick. The water's clear as a bell, green as new grass.
But on the rising tide hardly a 1/16th knot of current.

Please, Please, let there be, the old used to be, "February saviours" out here!  Yellermouths, at least!

So we started just pitching around. Casting the float-rigs, in which I hate doing. Because casting just beats up your live shrimp. But it had to be done. 

And what happened? Dan hits a yellermouth, then a nice Speck, then another yellermouth. "Whewwwww, finally some fish!"

But it wasn't like we were killing them. A few in the box, that's all. 

Being great white north Walleye guys, I went ahead and brought the "spinners". Rigged with 1/4-3/8ths ounce jigs we started chucking jig-n-shrimp combo meals into deeper water.

And that was the ticket. The Yellermouths were killing themselves literally, to eat that shrimp on the bottom as it bumped along.

Here's Dan with one of approx 30+ we dropped in the fish box.

But even after finding these, we would pop in and out of float-rigging the rocks. I hooked up a Sheepshead and of course it pulled off the hook. And we may have had a few other fish bite, that never made it to the boat. But either way. I found some kind of "action".  After doing the world tour of the river, earlier.

All I can blame the lack of bites on was the weather the day before, and a sudden pressure change. What else could it be? Even another buddy was out there who called me later and asked what was up. He said he could hardly find a Trout. I told him, "either could we." 

When there's a barometer problem, like fast flucuations,  and mix that up with a slow tide. Meaning we're smack dab in between the two moons. And the current velocsity isn't going to be that great. I believe that's what did it, for us.

But either way, we did catch fish, and alot of them!!  Just not a whole lot of variety, or "targeted species".

"It be that way sometimes in Bazzaro world...."

But Dan and Jim were great sports. And we laughed and joked around all day long and still had fun. But as we all know, that's well and good. But it's even more fun when you're wackin and stackin them in the fish box. And their names are; Brutus T. Redbass & Spotted-Speckley T-rex Troutz.


My prices haven't changed in years.

And when I think about the expenses.....Oh well, let me just show ya'll the video:

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