Wednesday, March 20, 2013

3-20 - GREAT DAY...despite the weather.

Had Alan and his daughter Cassie aboard the Jettywolf today. The forecast wasn't great. But my crew was right on time, and ready to go.

We went to spot one, and after a brief  "how-to" of the float-rig on the spot. I sent Cassie out first, and Alan followed up behind her drifting their floats and live shrimp.

Yep, Alan had the rod in his hands a whopping 2 minutes and his float went down, "FISH-ON". This was the definition of good ole I.G. (instantaneous gratification).

It was a big fish. It took drag, bent the rod over, and was a glorious sight to see on the first spot and on his first drift.

A 14 pound 33 incher, Redfish! Just what Alan was hoping for. and he got it instantaneously.

I've learned to NOT put on a shrimp, when I'm showing folks how to fish this spot. Because it's inevitable that the first drift I'll hook a fish. AND I DON'T WANT TOO!  I want them too.
And that's what happened right here.

The weather wasn't great. We had the breeze blowing up the stern of the boat. So we were very dependent on having the current hold us exactly where we needed to be. The current was strong. (we're between moons right now) So we had a limited amount of time that we'd have successful fishing here.

But the current lasted longer than I thought it would and next up......Cassie, with a keeper, Redfish at 20".

Hmmm, where my Trout friends? We need some sweethearts in the fish box for a fish fry!
Instead, Cassie hooks up a Sheepshead. Not a whopper, but a funny biter. So a hooked Sheepshead is a good Sheepshead on the ole Float-rig.

We hit another close spot after the tide slowed on the first spot. And Cassie got a small Specked Trout right off. But as good as the spot looked and as good as the current was. We never found any other takers. So it was time for a Ladies break time.  I pulled anchor and we stopped in at the Carlucci boat ramp on the other side of the river.

Now is when some rain started to fall. The sun was never really "out". But heck we already had a decent morning in my book, being that the winds and over cast conditions. Didn't seem like a super fishy day.

The next spot was the rain spot. But my crew was hardy. It rained just an aggravating rain. Not a massive down pour but just enough to get you very wet. So everyone had on some kind of rain gear, so we were good.

One side of the boat was Trout, and one side of the boat was "pup" Redfish. Alan had the little Reds penned up and caught at least 3-4. While Cassie and I worked the other side of the boat for 3 Trout, with only one a nice keeper at 17".

I looked like I was either visiting from the Alaskan Crab boat crew, or the Gortons Fisherman with my full Grundens foul weather digs on. But, I was dry and comfy. And when "working" on the water, you can't be over prepared.  Cassie donned her plastic poncho. When she put that thing on, I told her "all that does is flap around and it's gonna scare the dang fish!" But I was just messing...although she learned something with sleeves is the ticket, when fishing.

The bite started to be far and few between. The air temp seemed to really drop. So we headed in.
Here's my hardy crew while running back to the boat ramp.

Gawd, how I love a two person crew. It's such a more productive day so it seems to me, comparatively.  Not that 3 people is too much. But when Light Tackle fishing and doing the Float-rigging. It's just better quality. Even though the Jettywolf has a ball room in the stern, as you can see.

We got to the dock with all hands on deck, as the wind in the river seemed to be gusting 25 knots from the N.E.  I cleaned up the fish in the cooler, fed my Egret buddy "Pencil Neck". And bid Cassie and Alan farewell and Thank you. Hoping to have these two hardy crew members aboard the Jettywolf in the future.


Thursday 3/21 - with two guys.

The weather's supposed to be a bit better.

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