Thursday, March 28, 2013


Oh don't ya love this "transitional time of year"???????

Entire blocks of days with the wind howling. Oh, then comes the cold air! Yes, very unseasonable.

But, if this keeps the 99 degree temps at bay. I'M ALL FOR IT!

Nothing is worse than sweating by 8am, and not catching my Trout friends.

It's been a zoo here at Jettywolf central. No one books ahead of time, they all wait till the last few days before a major holiday. And then scramble to get a day on the water.

Glad I'm not that way. I'm a super planner kinda guy. I like knowing exactly what I'm doing.

Oh, and my 2 hour kids trips? Really, I can't do those on Holiday weekends, or maybe even weekends all together. I have to keep my "real" charter trip days open and available.

I have a lot of dates booked till May. But still, if you want the best tide dates please call and let's look at them.


-Momma's Day
-Poppa's Day
-Memorial Day
-Independence Day 

2 weeks ahead of time, or even a month is when you should call.  Don't e-mail me for a next day charter. Telephone. 8am-8pm.



Oh, they seen their days. Seen loads of fish over the course of their 8 year life span. YES, my ole Float-rig fishing reels have been retired. They are tired, corroded, and no longer up to Capt Dave's standards any longer.

(I can only wish.. because I can't find them. For a reel that really small, that has "auto-engage" that's exactly like the Shimano TRN-100 G's.  I wish they made a Shimano TRN-50G)

So, I had to go to a reel that's not as high-tech, but you all have used these before. The same reels I use for bottom bumping....the Shimano TRN-100G's.

Only big difference is you'll have to manually "flip" the lever to dis-engage & engage the spool. Which isn't aweful.......but actually give you less time to loos a fish by re-acting too "quickly" when your float goes down.

These Shimano reels are absolute work horses. 5:1 gear ratio, and all graphite, so they are easier for me to maintain. I played hell keeping those Shimano Citica's working smoothly the last years.

I believe I'll enjoy the break in tackle cleaning and big time line capacity and larger drag surface, when it comes to a customer laying the wood to one of these again....

And this time of year, even "float-rig fishing", we seem to be into more over sized Redbass, lately anyhow.

ALL OFF THE "FLOAT"....(it's always better on a 'cork')

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