Friday, March 29, 2013

3/29 - Chamber of Commerce...Mayhem!

Okay, I certainly not that good to list everyone's name. Because I had four guys on board today. But Tony T. was the man who booked the trip. So, there ya go.

There was a few nic-names floating around. Such as "Ted Williams" famous baseball player and Angling personality.

Well, here's "Ted", by nic-name only. Received today after no sooner we were on the first spot and he slam dunks this:

Yep, a 30" Brutas T. Redbass! But prior to the Redfish. He scored quick on a Yellowmouth Trout right out of the gate.

That's the way today went. Four guys, rods flailing, the net getting passed around. Hooking shrimp, hooking "granite grouper". You name it. It was happening.

I had two guys running float-rigs behind the boat. Then, I had two guys casting spinners with a jig-n-shrimp combo meal off the side of the boat.

That's why at times it was mayhem. Good mayhem! Numerous fish on at a time. "Jus look at the concentration on their faces." 

We had piles of Yellowmouth Trout, Speckled Trout. And even those "7-striped jetty snappers", three or four of those...Small Specks, keeper specks, small yellowmouths, keeper yellowmouths. Sheepshead on the jigs, Sheepshead on the float-rigs (slip floats)

I'm lucky I even got to take a few photos!
Because we'd have fish on when taking a photo, and then the anchor would trip from the wash over the jetty rocks. So we'd have to pull up and re-set the anchor.

There was so many people out today. That I opted to do just a 2-hour kids trip on Saturday. Cuz, it's gonna be a zoo out yonder!

And then I have 3 on Easter Sunday and then 4 on Tuesday. 

No one is giving any notice. The late notice callers are wild.

So I have my hands full, let me tell ya.

Just like today. The Jetties were lined with "FLOAT-RIGGERS".

20 years ago, heck 5-10 years ago there was no one float-rig fishing the rocks! Wonder where all these people came from with floats rigged up?
Could it be, R-E-P-O-R-T-S, that they are reading????

Either way, we only had to fish two spots today to surpass the amount of fish that Tony's crew even wanted.

And by no means did a get enough photos. I was too busy.

I never took a pick of any Trout friends till back at the dock when I opened up the fish box and started cleaning the fish.

So, the weather was perfect. And only if it was a Monday morning would have made our any day better. Because no one would have been around. We had zero "wiggle room". aka: room to move around and investigate other spots near us. So when the tide slowed, we picked up and headed in and hit another spot and got more small Trout, and a few more keepers for the box.

And we actually ended the day a "tad" early. 

Next up:

Kids on Saturday for a short morning trip.
3 person on Easter Sunday. 

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