Monday, April 1, 2013

3/31- Radical Change:

Had Dan Sr. & Dan Jr. out today for some "float-rig fishing". That's all we were going to do. And they might have been glad or might have been sad to be on the Jettywolf.

Because I went straight to the jetties and went on over to the southside of the south.


The reason I had the 'Wolfie built. So I could fish where I wanted when I wanted at the jetties.

Because NO ONE ELSE dared to come on over there and anchor up and fish. The wind was honking.....Not out of the SW as the weather guessers said. But out of the SE. Right into the rocks on the south.

It was slop & chop. A Soup sandwich. If it was January I would have been in all my glory. Because as hard as we tried we could hardly get a damn bite!

If it was January the big fat Gator Trout would have been there. But today, with the slop we worked hard for a few small specks and yellowmouth trout. That was it.

This was spot #2 actually. We caught one speck on the inside of the north jetty first as the last of the falling tide still dribbled out the jetties. And then the Bluefish ate us out of house and home.


I will not put up with any of the green scourge fish. So that's when we left to sit anchored in the soup over outside the south rocks.

We left there because of no bites and headed inshore. The wind was really blowing now. And experience was telling me, it wasn't us. The rest of the day searching for any decent trout bite was gonna be dismal. 

And it was. Over-cast skies and where was that 80 degrees? Not at Mayport that's for sure.

So we just kept moving around. I actually caught more Specks and a Yellowmouth up in the river on a 1/4 ounce jig and a matrix shad plastic tail then the two Dan's did on live shrimp.

That was something.

We ended the day with a few but the two Dan's didn't want them. So I cleaned the small Yellowmouths and a few Specks and went home and fried them up for supper.

Wheww...was a day. A kinda uneventful day. And the weather was far from Chamber of Commerce this time around.


4 person Tuesday all day'er
3 persons Wednesdayall day'er

During the Redfish Spots Tourney Saturday, 4 persons.  All day'er.    

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