Saturday, March 30, 2013

3/30 - my world famous "Kid trips", 2 hours.

These charters are designed for the "short attention span theater" crowd. And I did edit out all the jungle gym'ing all over my leaning post and the touching stuff that they shouldn't touch.

But other than that a good morning trip, on a day when again the jetties were wall to wall boats. And I would have just been more pissed off the longer I'd be out there.

I had a "ski" boater wanting to anchor on top of me already where I was at. Can't imagine what 6-8 hrs would have been like.

One more day till people go back to work on weekdays...
3 people for a early Easter Sunday trip. Then, back to weekdays Tuesday & Wednesday. Then, Zoo Redfish spots tournament Saturday the 6th...I'll have 4, with two being kids for a 6 hr trip.


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