Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Yep, knives and fish cleaning go hand in hand...and like anything else you can take it to the limit or just go 1/2 way.

I can't afford to go 1/2 way. That's why I've been doing some studying up on fish cleaning, buying a fantastic sharpener, watching fish cleaning video's from experts, and getting better knives.

I did a video on the Worksharp belt knife sharpener.

At that time I took and old beat up Rapala knife and sharpened it with the Worksharp belt sharpener.
(say that 10 times fast!)

Then, I went out and did a weeks fishing. I had a trip where we filled the cooler slap full of Whiting and then filled the cracks left with Yellowmouth Trout. Then, I cleaned a Sheepshead and a Black Drum, and then did a whole bunch more Whiting.

I figured I cleaned 100+ fish, total. On that "re-honed-re-sharpened" old Rapala knife. And in the mean time I watch some Youtube video's on how the fish market experts clean fish. Under fantastic conditions I might add. Running water, good light, no bird attacks, no kids jumping around. Unlike how and when I clean fish!

I learned from a Youtuber that a skinning blade is an awesome fish cleaning tool rather than a think fillet knife. So I bought two 5" Forschner skinners. And used his fish cleaning techniques. Awesome!

Here's a follow-up video:

Check out this link to Capt Vince's Youtube channel and let a master show ya a thing or two.
Using a skinning blade.

Consider the passing on Capt Vince's Youtube channel about fish cleaning, a new TECH-TIP.
I learned alot. I think you will too.


Jonathan Klein said...

I started watching Captain Vincent Russo's videos right after he started making them and after I saw what he could do with that knife I had to get one. I've had mine for about 6 or 7 months now and I love it!

Capt. Dave Sipler said...

Yeah I saw him years ago. But didn't give it no mind. Then I got really serious and watched his stuff.

But, as you know. He has time, a table, water, and even says something about not being in a hurry.

Well count me outa that. I'm attacked by birds, have no running water, no lights, and barely a table. And kids hanging over my shoulder.

So yeah on a big fish, I'll cut the head off and do what he does. Any thing else gets wacked and filleted fast!