Tuesday, April 9, 2013

4/9 - This past weekend...

Wheww, was this past weekend brutal. To start, I had "kids" aboard again. Along with dad and Grandpa. Super nice folks and well behaved kids. The wind was HOWLING, of course. And there was no re-scheduling this time. Because this was already a re-scheduled trip from Feb. because it was too cold for the kids. Said Grandma'.

One Sheepshead and MUCHO Croakers, while hiding from the nasty 25 kt gusting winds.

The four person trips are a real bear. Then, add in young kids, then add in 25 knot gusting winds. But, I made it through all the "spring breaks", I guess. The next "group affairs" I'm sure will come over July 4th. And then, we'll contend with the heat instead.

I know it's mandatory to fill my capacity sometimes. But yesterday I had a call...."Hi, I've talked to people who've fished with you, watch your Youtube video's and would like to book a day. I have 5-6 people......."

"Whoaaaaa!! Let's stop right there", I said. "That's already 2-3 person past what I do and what's a quality day."

And at the same time, this person thought I did offshore charters. Which leads me to believe nothing about what he told me. No Youtube video's are offshore, and no one who has been with me on my boat in the last 5 years has been offshore.

I told him, personally I'd find a 40' boat with a mate with that many people. So not to be "shoe-horned in" a small boat with 6 people.  But hell, what do I know......?

Okay, back to this past weekend. And my observations, of such.  Sunday I had a very late notice booking. AGAIN, 4 teen-agers and grandpa. NOTHING was working out other than catching BAIT.

We hit a Croaker spot and loaded the livewell full of perfect bait sized Croak's. I had plans to get the hell outa Dodge City. "You know, the HUB. The area where all the boat traffic is. Where the Coasties are on the rampage and stopping people just minding their own damn business driving up the river. Away from the ghetto cruisers in constant crossing mode from ICW south to ICW north......You know?"

Yeah, that place I went is called 'past the Dames Point bridge'. Ahhhh, no traffic, no coasties, no ghetto cruisers.  But for us, fishing the High Tide on a NEW MOON. No current either!!!

Fished live mini Croakers along two rock piles without a sniff. While pitching jigs and matrix shads every now and then, if we could. Because the GNATS were chewing us to pieces!  There was zero wind. We could hardly fish.

I should have just went straight to the jetties with this crew. Three teen-agers and grandpa'. But we did manage a few Trout and blues on the Matrix shads, before giving up on the deal with fishing baby live Croakers, because the gnats were so bad everywhere we went.

After heading back eastward. Every 60 seconds the three teen-agers were tangled, stuck, snaggled, back-lashed, or breaking something, or wrestling on the bow. It wasn't what I'd hoped for, let me tell ya!

So that's what I did last weekend.

Is "spring break over yet"??

Looking to get back to a few adults and some actual light tackle sport fishing. 

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