Wednesday, April 3, 2013

4/2 - WHITING FEST...Serious fish fry cometh!

We tried first thing to do some float-rigging up river for a over-sized Redbass, or maybe a few Trout. But even though the tide was right for the spot. Nothing was happening. So we headed to the jetties. I was thinking Drum, Sheepshead, fishing deep at the north rocks.

Turned out that the Whiting were ON FIRE!  So, with kids and super action. I wasn't about to leave to find anything else. Plus, Mom was ON FIRE too!

They filled a 72qt. cooler with super fryer Whiting, and then filled the cracks in the box with Yellowmouth Trout later on.

I was wore slap out when I got home. But still pushed forward to produce this video for your viewing enjoyment. Then, I was up at 4am the next morning putting the finishing touches on it. And out the door for another day with some kids and Dad. To do it all over again...

(Now I still have to do Wednesday's report.)

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