Thursday, April 4, 2013

4/3 - Re-Run...heading to the Jetties!

Had Jim and his two sons Cole and Zach aboard today. Wasn't going to run down river, like yesterday.
But instead hopefully put these boys on fish right away. And thank goodness I didn't have plans to float-rig fish, as the bait shop from what I heard later didn't have any live shrimp. Although, I had some still in my livewell from yesterday.

So we went straight to the Jetties. The tide was smoking. And was glad I brought two heavier rods, because at one point we were up to 6 ounce to hold bottom. Throw the light tackle fishing out the window. This is the St. Johns "rapids" river, dredged to China!

The hardest thing for everyone, no matter if you're a tournament Bass fisherman from Alabama, or unfortunately a 12 year old or 9 year old from Michigan. Is feeling the bottom!

I struggle with that constantly. So, out came the heavier rods, 6 oz. leads and I cast and dropped the baits out behind the boat. Because fishing current like this isn't for the beginners.

But the tide as we all know changes constantly, and eventually we got back on the light bottom fishing rods.

I have learned after all these years that I can't really take the kids float-rig fishing. It takes too much paying attention and concentration. So, it's bottom fishing from here on out, really. Because it's kids aboard from now till September. So I'll leave the float-rig fishing to adults only.

The Whiting bite (as per my last report also) is thru the roof! And these are great action fish, that kids can reel in one after another, as well as providing excellent table fare.

And today was no different than yesterday's trip. Except we did get a Black Drum on the Whiting spot, when we were along the rocks, as the tide pushed pretty good.

Cole was the man, and it kicked his butt! So, even though the kids may want monsters. "Ya gotta watch out for what you wish for, sometimes." 

A good eater size!

This Drum along with a hand selected size and amount of Whiting, made their way into the cooler to be lunch over at Singleton's Seafood Shack, for the crew afterwards. Just like yesterday.

I even kept a few and fried them up when I got home. (Damn those Whiting are good!) After scrubbing the boat with soap/bleach and a heavy brush, cleaned and bleached the coolers, and detailed the rods and reels. Because after handful of day after day fishing. The Jettywolf needed some T.L.C. and so did my tackle!


More kids.....4- persons on Saturday the 6th, during the Redfish spots tourney. (OH NO!!!)

I guess the rain on Thursday and maybe Friday gives me enough time to re-coup???

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