Friday, April 5, 2013

4/5 - W-O-W

Ya know if you're visiting from "afar" and staying in a hotel or even at Grandma's house.
The easiest thing to do is head over to Singleton's Seafood Shack around the corner from the boat ramp docks where we'll be departing and going back to for any fish cleaning. And then have Singleton's cook up your fish for you.

At I think $3.00 a pound. It sure is a nice way to end the days adventure. Add in some Onion rings a pitcher of beer or sweet tea and you'll have a relaxing unwind from the day of bouncing around fishing and can re-cap the excitement by eating your own FISH!

Susan, just emailed this FEAST PHOTO from Singletons after their charter day. (COOLER SLAP FULL OF TASTY WHITING!)

Looks like Singletons had to break out the giant browny pans to serve up this hungry family of four (w/ two growing boys)

Well, that is what was left after my big day with the Fuqua Family from Georgia....

You remember them huh?

Just a few reports:

You too can do this.

I skin, de-bone, fillet all your fish for you "after" your days fishing trips back at the dock.
(on a gratuity basis, after charter is done)

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