Tuesday, May 14, 2013

5/13 - Long Haul......"Search"

Had Paul and Ann Marie on board the Jettywolf from Las Vegas. Paul did everything right. He checked blog posts, and my Youtube video's. And booked his trip well ahead of time. Got to the boat ramp on a few minutes before departure time. So everything on land, went very well.

Now, Monday was a "COLD" front, that blew in over night. And when they (the weather guessers) said Cold Front, I didn't think they actually meant REALLY cold air. But yeah, that's what it meant!

As we flew down the river at 7am. I was really cold, in just a T-shirt. Personally, I'm liking this spring/summer so far as the weather goes. Since, we're kinda setting records for "LOWS", in the last few months. By now, it's usually 90+ degrees. So that means sweating by 8am.

But that storm (week of rain and high winds at the beginning of the month) has taken it's toll on the river. Just like last summer when we had Tropical storm Buryl and Debby. Right after and for what seemed like weeks after. Finding consistent action was like asking the fish gods for a miracle.

We searched and searched today. Putting alot of miles under the Jettywolf. So much that I actually lost time, and when we packed it in to head back to the dock, it was 6pm!!!!!!!

"We left the dock at 7am!!!"

And for all our efforts. I could not find the nest of Trout. A good majority of the day we fished a rising tide. And the most fish were caught on the falling tide. So right there was a major hurdle.

We float-rigged live shrimp 99% of the time. Yes, my crew caught Ladyfish, Jacks, and Trout, and loads of small ones. (under 15 inches)

AnnMarie laid the Ugly Stik to a 28" Redfish, and we knew that she'd catch the largest fish of the day. It's a "gender" thing!  The last couple I had aboard, the fella's wife caught the most and the largest.

But, for me, it was a struggle on a personal level. I went to all the places the big trout should be. Places I don't even have to normally fish. And all we could find out of a "ALL DAY VENTURE" was 5 keeper Trout. That's not good.

The reason, we were out so long was probably because we were having such a good time. But at the same time, I take very difficult Trout tracking "personal". I'm a machine when pursuing my Trout friends. I do not want to be defeated. But, the way it looks. I better get used to it till things straighten out again.

JUST LIKE LAST SUMMER.  The nice thing about my blog posts is I can go back and see and review when things were the same as it is now. And right after the two storms last summer it was exactly the same as RIGHT NOW!

Then came a point when all hell broke loose. And I started catching Gator Trout and lots of Trout in between.

So, that's what I'm standing by for.

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