Wednesday, May 15, 2013

5/15 - Thinking about additions:

W-O-W, have ya ever looked at the prices of some of these New Electric trolling motors out there?
$1,200.00 for a electric bow mount trolling motor? Trolling motors with GPS, positioning?

I believe the last trolling motor I purchased was $300. Which tells ya how long ago that was.

That's $1200, for the Troller, then Batteries $200 each, and of course a on-board charger at least $300. Then, if you want accessories it's another $300-$400 bucks on top of that.

You could almost get a 10 HP 4-stroke Kicker motor for the same money.

I could just do this instead......

It's a "kicker motor" bracket. 1/2" alloy plate welded to the swim platform on a Pacific boat like mine.
Add a 10 HP 4-stroker, and I'm in the club!

The economy "trolling club"

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