Wednesday, May 29, 2013

5/29 - A little "MacGyvering"

All to make YOUR fishing charter video's better. (and my R&D fishing video's too)

Oh, you're new here?

Okay. I'll explain.

Many of my customers not only get a report here on my daily reports blog, to show everyone back home. That usually includes photos...."but photos, are so 1990's....hahahahahaha"

But, you'll also get a video of your day too. That get's posted to my YOUTUBE CHANNEL so you can really show folks back home your day's adventure.

Not every charter day do I produce a video. But, if all goes right. I just can't keep the camera box closed!

Compare that to what you get with any other guide service around here....Go ahead. I dare ya!

-26' loads of room comfortable boat.
-A report to share
-Photos to share
-A video to share
- and much much more.

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