Saturday, June 1, 2013

5/31 - End 'O May.....with the "Traveller"

Always have such a great time with Bob "Traveller" Johnson.  Bob, got his "float on" and thumped some fatties. I just lost them on jigs.

Now gearing up for June 3rd - 4 persons, 4th - 4 persons, 5th - one person & 6th - one person...when it rains it pours!!

"and pour me in a Dixie cup afterwards, too."


Bob Johnson said...

Capt. Dave -

Thanks for another fantastic day of fishing with you aboard the Jetty Wolf! No matter how bad the reports seem to be heading into my charter, you always find a way to put us on great fish. The video turned out really well. I always learn something new when I go fishing with you. I am already planning for a future trip sometime around Thanksgiving. You are a true trout slayer!

Capt. Dave Sipler said...

Thanks Bob...Yeah, got done the video yesterday afternoon. It wasn't to difficult or maybe I'm getting better at those switching camera angles. Maybe next time, I'll do low music and a "voice over narration".

Hope those fish are around, as I have 2 days straight with a full boat. But you can be 4 floats won't be heading out at the same time!

I always appreciate having you aboard the Jettywolf. Because of you, this video was made. For us both to share.