Tuesday, May 7, 2013

5/7 - Great Crew...Really Bad Forecast

Had Jason and Robin on board today from Bozeman, Montana. Talk about Landscape and probably Culture shock!

The forecast for the day was SUN, HIGH UV RAYS, WARM, 10 KNOTS OF WESTERLY WIND.


Where was that at????

We headed out early this morning at 7am. Rising tide. First thing I did, was taste the water at the boat ramp. Since this was my first day out since the storm.

I tasted NO salt.

So we headed down river. Robin caught two small Trout and a Bluefish at spot one. Spot two we didn't get bit. And on spot three....(we were doing the world tour already)....more Bluefish. Spot four, nothing. Spot five, wind was heinous!! And just wasn't working. Spot six, completely fed up already with the weather, it was a hide away from the wind spot. And there is where Robin caught the first keeper Trout.

But on this spot I quickly noticed a huge change. Last time I fished here NO Mangrove Snappers. Now?
Jason and Robin's shrimp were equally and relentlessly murdered constantly. And as I tried my luck, so was mine.

Time to shinny-up those "stopper knots" and get the live shrimp higher and away from the bottom. It didn't work. But I did catch a decent 17 incher.

The Mangrove's sent us packing. So we moved, but not far. And by now it was raining. The same ole story. When there's "weather", the game fish quit and here comes the bait snatchers. Personally, I was sick and tired of it already. Sick and tired of leaving the dock with no predictable weather or known action. Or let me say, I know what the deal is. So there's no mystery. But that's this time of year, that's for sure.

Has me already longing for deep winter days along the jetty rocks, again. At least I know what we're in for then.

And now add in the Mangrove Snappers, OMG!

We fished our way back, and Robin and Jason and I caught a few more small trout, a few Ladyfish, and a mini 1/8th pound Jack Crevalle....Whoa! Variety!

So our day ended with two keeper Trout in the box out of 8 dozen live shrimp. YOU do the math.

Jason was actually "schooled" by his low key, and secretly intense wife. And she was great to have along. Because if it was just jason and I, we would have quit from boredom. But Robin kept a pace.

We had fun, but the weather guessers were so wrong, and that's what really pissed me off. I was so looking forward to a kick butt day after cancellations and reschedules because of the forced weeks vacation I had.....Loosing too much $$, because of it.

No video, No photos. Too busy working to put a fish in the cooler.

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