Monday, May 6, 2013

5/6 - The HD Croaker float...."its time"


Welcome again to the Wolf Den for a Tech-Tip. It's time to build a few more HD Croaker Floats for summer.

Here's how I do it:

.051 heavy SS lure wire - Obtained on Ebay always from seller:
(edgara1106salguero on Ebay)

4" Pear Floats - In bulks can be obtained at: - Comal

A few beads, and a heavy swivel to be used as weight to get float to stand straight up.
A vice is handy.

A live 3-4" Croaker, or a large Mullet and you're ready.

This is just "ONE" way of rigging a float for the job. SURE, there's loads of other options. I just like these, because I've used them for Croaker fishing to chunking baits to 100 pound Blacktip sharks, behind a shrimp boat over the nets. Emphasis is on "H.D."

(disregard "time stamp" on video. I was using a brand new Sports-Vue 360 HD, and had not cleared the un-wanted menu items just yet)

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