Friday, July 12, 2013

7/11 - Again, "wife out fishes husband"

Crazy day, yesterday.....

So, without dwelling on that ....we left the dock till 11:30am.

(in the summer time, in my "fishing guide" opinion. But just one of the few things they learned as begginers in the Jacksonville fishing, world.)

Oh, we had a prefect tide. If it was 6am in the morning! 
Because it was a rising tide, and high at essentially NOON.

We worked "up river".  I wasn't into fighting the daily S.E. Seabreeze, that was starting right as we departed the dock, at the jetties.

Used soft plastics on jigs, the "Matrix Shads" which are of course official soft plastic lure. Because live shrimp on the jigs lasted a NANO second after hitting the bottom because of all the litl' shitters we have now carpeting the river bottoms structure.

It was HOT, very HOT. And as the tide poured in it was a struggle in the MID-DAY, no doubt. Not what I was used too.

But as Dr. Phil says on TV, "This ain't my first rodeo, either."   So we plugged on with one healthy Trout in the box.

Next spot.....Trout and Ladyfish! 


Bring you best gal....'cus she's gonna outfish YOU.

Tried to get some perfect finger Mullet. That's one baitfish that been NON-existent on the Jettywolf lately.  By this time of year. I get at least a dozen or so. And it makes for an easy Redbass, Trout and Flounder.

I hate those little Mud-minnows at the bait shops. I think of it all like I do when it comes to "plugging" for Trout. I'd just as soon cast a BIG plug, to Target a Bigger Trout. Because when I'm throwing lures, I want only large trout, if I can get them.

Same goes for bait fish. I'd like 4-5" Mullet......because when a Redbass or a Trout eats one, usually it's not a 15 incher!

Talked to many a fisherman, and many are also frustrated with no big schools of finger mullet around.
I go to my usual "easy to catch'em spots" and they just aren't there.

So as we fished yesterday. It suffered. Because I only caught 2 tiny two inch Mullet and a nice 14" Flounder in my castnet..."Yeah, a bonus Flattie!"  

As far as float-rig fishing, just one Trout. and by then the wind was ripping from the SE. 

When all else fails:  BOTTOM FISH.

And that's what we did. Filling the box with more Speckled Trout (that ate a 1/2 a dead shrimp in 30 feet of water) and loads of decent Yellowmouth Trout, and some Croakers.

It was H-O-T and the wind was like a blast furnace in your face. So at 5pm we headed back. And Gina and her hubby headed home with a big bag of fresh "fish fry" fillets.  Successful day.

I learned a lot, they learned a lot, about how and when to reserve your charter. 

-Craigslist is not the best place to find a fishing charter.
-Do your homework, read reports and "up to date" info.
-Go with a "full-time" guide.
-Departing late is NOT the best way to fish in the middle of summers in Florida.

NEXT UP:  Some "TWO HOUR KIDS TRIPS". Very, very popular in the summer time.

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