Sunday, July 7, 2013

7/5-7/6 - The Gals are H-O-T!

Did you know that the boat ramp at 6am isn't a zoo? And if I had my druthers, I'd depart at 5am. Problem there is, it's kinda hard to get live shrimp from the bait shop at the time of the morning when they don't open till 6am on weekdays.

But "weekend-holiday" traffic magically appears when we return from our adventure around noon or one.

So, that's the morale of the "inshore fishing" story; GET OUT THERE EARLY!
And over the course of the last few days. Damn has the wind blew like hell from the S.E. by 12:00.
Add a falling tide buckin', and you got yourself a 50 MPH hair cut by the time we come back to the dock, for sure.....

I had the absolute pleasure of being able to take the Morrison Family out fishing, that are "ADDICTED" to Trout. As soon as Shawn contacted me by visiting I knew these were my kind of folks!!

It was Naschica's birthday! And my gawd was she the HOT rod. This gal was like a "Trout Whisperer".

Tossing the Egret Baits, KICK-A-MULLET she was making myself and her husband Shawn look like we didn't even know what we were doing there.....

Then she schooled us on the float-rig later on, also. But Shawn continued to play catch-up.

We hit the dock and a whole box of beautiful Speckled Trout. It was a very respectful day we had. And 8 year old Miles, even though he liked playing with jigs and lure, caught a few too. They had a major fish fry in store for them, while visiting Jacksonville. Can't wait to possibly have Shawn and Naschica back again, during the fall/winter or spring JETTY Trout fest.


The next day I had Brandon & Paulina. Brandon had a choice. We could possibly face the winds and go Jetty fishing and Shark fishing. Or depart early, and head down river and look for them Trout again.
Brandon wanted to play it safe. As Paulina was our "rookie" so he wanted to stay inshore.

Well, that did it.

We weren't on the first spot 5 minutes, tossing KICK-A-MULLETS on a spot with a rising tide, before Paulina caught a GATOR Trout!  Then, she caught another. While Brandon got some "swipes" and yours truely had one "swipe" Paulina had all the action.

The bite wasn't as hot as the morning before. But, it's summer and that's the way it can be. But Paulina put 3 nice Trout in the box easily.

We fished around mixing in some Float-rig fishing, and casting of jigs and shrimp. Catching a Mangrove Snappers, Yellowmouth Trout, and some small Speckled Trout. All the while working for that Redfish. But by 10:30am. the wind started honking pretty good, and all I could think about is how glad I was I had Paulina up in calm waters and catching some fish. Versus, being outside or even inside the jetties as I heard it was pretty nasty from friends.

Here she is in a "one of a kind" photo......"never seen anyone with a umbrella like that on the boat before." 

As for the rest of the ""deep summer"" months. There is choices. But one thing is for sure. There's alot of miles between the inshore fishing choice and the coastal fishing choice, during this time of year.

It has nothing to do with me. It's just the way it is.

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