Saturday, July 13, 2013

7/13 - Morning.....

Guess what I did this Saturday morning, in mid July??

Here's a clue:

Took these "two cuties", but still a handful, to catch their first ever saltwater fish.
-Yellowmouth Trout

Brother, sister, and of course Dad.

One of my 2 hour Kids trips:

Next up:

Sunday, solo fisherman, on his maiden "learn to fish trip".
Monday, regular Don B. I'm expecting a "VIDEO DAY" coming with Don & guest.

Greater Jacksonville Kingfish Tournament week....(aka: major morning boat ramp congestion)

Starts on the: 18th with V.I.P day
                        19th Kids Tourney
                        20th General Tournament
                        21st General Tournament
                        22nd a Redfish Tournament

Usually this tournament "shuts" me down. But, if you're looking for a simple 2 hr. KIDS TRIP or something don't hesitate to call 904-642-9546 or shoot me a message:     

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