Sunday, July 14, 2013

7/14 - River tour

Had Akli aboard today. He's from Algeria, and has never ever fished before. Let alone been with a "hard core" guy like me.

It was really fun. Because everything, ever where, from live shrimp to tides was new to him. Our trip was basically a "show me kind of day".

Croakers, Yellowmouth Trout, were the catches in the river. But Akli wanted to also see the "Ocean".

So we ran all the way from the Dames Point to the end of the north jetty at one point, and when we got there, the tide was changing and the dark brown was hitting the bright green water. Tarpon were rolling around near us, even. But I don't think Akli ever saw them. I of course with the "keen" fish eyes saw 10 roll the surface as we drifted out the rocks.

We eventually anchored up. Fished Live Shrimp on a "dropper loop rig", and to my surprise started catching Speckled Trout in 33 feet of water.

Akli, also caught some small Jacks and a Ladyfish.
Which all looked like dinner fish to him. And I told him, there's some fish not worth eating.

Fun day, showing someone from very far away "my world".

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