Thursday, July 18, 2013

7/18 - More "Kids trips"

My summer time staple...the Jettywolf taking the next generation of Fisherman & Fisherwomen!

Yes, it's been a Gal summer so far. Not a whole lot going on at the Jetties. "Normal mid summer deal", but the kids caught Jacks, Blues (why are they here?) and SeaBass and Yellowmouths.

Then, we took a short ride over to see the Kingfish Tourney Grounds at Sisters Creek Boat Ramp.

WATCH IN 1080 HD, select via "settings gear icon". I did the video in Hi-Def. Might as well watch all my video's in Hi-Def..."if your connection can handle it."

By no means is GJKT week, like I remember. The boat ramp wasn't a zoo..But I'm still waiting to see.


Tomorrow another 2 hr Kids Trip
Then Saturday, a 4 person regular day...

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