Friday, July 19, 2013

7/19 - Not what it used to be:

I remember that when it came Greater Jacksonville Kingfish Tournament time, I'd dread it. Because of the boat ramps, no parking, and crowds everywhere.

I even went to Maine in 2006 while the tournament was going on to order my boat from the company rep. (that was sooooo nice to be in cooler temps in July)

Although the tournament isn't no where near, two days of 1000 boats anymore (thanks to our U.S. economy, and fuel prices) I still had to be "hours" early to the boat ramp, for a 2 hour Kids Trips at 8am, just so I could park in a decent spot. Then, as the crowds cleared. I slipped the Jettywolf in the water and my folks showed up and we headed to the jetties for a little fun.

Here's my observations:

Video from Iphone5

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