Friday, September 6, 2013

9/6 - Really B-I-G?

I'm booked Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Thursday, so far.

And not all that sure what my crew will consist of, right now.

But, I'm just putting this out there. 

With a falling tide mid morning this week. I was thinking, who wants to target REALLY big Shark with me.

As in "Hundreds" of pounds. I have a hunch. We'll be fishing Tarpon country at the same time. And maybe and possibly some Whiting and other fish,  for the fish box while we wait on the big one.



There's even been some talk about a large Tiger lurking around Jax Beach Pier (?)  So ya never know.

We won't be using sissy ass Pogy's for bait. I can tell ya that.

No long rough boat rides. I'm talking "near-shore/inshore" fishing.

Hey, just when you think you're not up to it or you're not mean enough....."I'm being kind"

READ THIS:  """""CLICK HERE"""""""

What a great story!  Notice the major typos, though??  "pin reels, with big cylinders". 
I think the author (NICHOLAS FOURIEZOS) meant "Penn Reels, with large spools!"

It's an adventure.
Not a "grocery shopping trip".
All Sharks caught will be released. That's why we still fish, while the BIG baits soak.
Ya may hook a Tarpon.

I'm going "solo" and will have to make a video of myself. If no one wants to go for the GUSTO.
Yeah, you'll get your own VIDEO proof, no matter what. Care of my 4 cameras, editing, and posting to my Youtube channel your Jax full-time fishing guide since 1996.

Here's a "blast from the past" This little lady, Nanette S. screamed bloody murder when she hooked this Spinner that weighed in at 120 pounds. After doing a few 10 pound Jack Crevalles, with her friend Donna, aboard my old boat the FOR REELIN II. And it was her Birthday also!

There's Tarpon all around those jetty rocks too!

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