Wednesday, September 4, 2013

9/3 - Big Game + Light Tackle = FUN!

Had Grady from N.C. aboard on Tuesday. After all the Holiday and weekend boaters, had us all alone and having a ball, running & gunning behind the Shrimp boats for instant action.

As it turns out, this is the closest and best BIG TUG action happening, right now. It's all about FUN and getting some serious pullers hooked up.

From Blacktips to Spinner Sharks that put on one hell of a show. All with no long boat ride!
Which I love. Because I like getting into "I.G." - instantaneous gratification no matter if it's a Trout on a top water plug (lure) or slinging big baits behind the Shrimp boats.

We also tried drifting Pogies that we caught on the beach in 12' of water, in the SouthEast Hole area in 55' of water. One on a down-rigger, and one flat lined. Looking for a big Bonita, or King Mackerel. But the only bite we had was a small Blacktip shark on the surface Pogy. I was very surprised, because we had a perfect, silent drift going with the decent SW breeze, pushing the boat bow first and stern to the wind. (the Jettywolf drifts so nicely)

So, with nothing going on in the S.E. Hole, we ran back to the North Jetty and pitched live Pogies up to the end of the rocks. On a 3/8th's ounce jig we had a giant Spinner Shark hooked up on the little jig hook and it lasted 3 jump and spins before snapping the 40 pound mono shock leader I was using on the spinning tackle.

Then we had a decent Jack eat a Pogy and give Grady a nice boat side tug. Then, we ended the day and slowly peddled our way back to the dock as the afternoon heat poured on.

Lots of good, funny, and exciting stuff happened on today's trip with Grady. Way too many things to list.


That's what makes it fun and exciting in my book. And I can't say that I have ever taken anyone out Shrimp boat runnin' & gunnin' that didn't have a good time.

All the Sharks we hooked today were released, to fight again. Sometimes I can get the 14/0 circle hooks out, and sometimes I can't. But I am prepared with all the tools, if so. I have two ARC dehookers. One 6' pole version and a 24" version. I prefer to release all of these Sharks for another day. And I prefer (if I can) to humanly de-hook them.

Come join me aboard the Jettywolf, visit:

I do all I can to not be a boat ride. But rather be fishing as fast as possible!

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