Sunday, November 24, 2013

11/23 - Summer in November & Braided line "Bubble Buster"

I'm not liking it either.
Where's WINTER?

-plus Doc Miller's back in Jax, and catches his first Speck. And that was the last one of the day.
They aren't where I'm at. Might just be an "Off" year?

Many Reds up to 32", first Float-rig Sheepshead. Just enough Yellowmouth Trout.

The Braided Line "bubble buster"

I have been called Captain Gadget, and the tackle-shop-aholic, amongst many other things, I'm sure.
And both I named are certainly true.

Yeah I like gadgets if that's what you call'em. Maybe that's why I love doing video's as much as fishing. "been there done that" , for sure when it comes to the fishing around here aspect. Not a whole lot of new things happening. IE: the Trout limits haven't changed to 25 per person at 12 inches.
Or the Redbass haven't grow to 150 pounds lately. So yeah, I get my "fishing enjoyment" these days out of making video's and practicing being creative with the fishing that is afforded us around here, on a daily basis. Plus, most of all doing Video's with customers, so I can share with "hopefully" perspective future customers.

-Inform, before you Perform!

Okay, enough of that.

Let's talk "tackle-shop-aholic" 

A tent sale at Strike Zone around here is like a fishing community event. I hope you've been to a few. It's a great way to burn hours and hours on a weekday, thats for sure. I see people there that I haven't seen in years usually. And some, well....I see too much of.

I believe 100% in supporting LOCAL business'. I AM ONE. And need your support, too.

(These Free Reports has a "tip jar". Since day one it has gone empty. You know, it's on the top of the right side bar of this blog...?)

But there is times, especially in this charter fishing biz. That I just can't pay MSRP, for alot of stuff. Which most stores have to sell at, to keep that A/C goin in the 100 degree heat, and the employee's fed and happy.

That's where places like Ebay & Amazon come in for me.

If you saw the number of 7'6" Shakespeare Ugly Stik "Striper" rods I just sold.  (TWELVE that were sold for $10.00 each that I wasn't using any longer.)

You'd see. I deal in B-U-L-K. Think of me like the guy in Costco or Sam's club that pushes his cart by you and has those 5 pound cans of Peanut butter & Jelly in it. And you look at him thinking about the jokes you heard that stand-up comedian make about people like him.

Well he could have 4 kids, and 8 foster children!! 

Or he could be like me. Buying in BULK has it's merits. It's there when ya need it!

And I usually need it.

Need proof????????

So yeah, I like getting my Braided line in BULK and I need it cheap!

Here's the Braided line Bubble Buster

-would ya believe me if I told ya, I just got last week 1093 Yards of 100 pound braided line for my Shimano TLD 50 2- speed  big shark reel, I'm gearing up now for next summer, for................$48.00. Free shipping!

Makes ya kinda re-think the word BULK, and the words MSRP or Tent sale, huh?

Now, It'll be here tomarrow. And only took 4 days to get delivered. 

Of course you're thinking. I don't need that much 100 pound Braid. And something must be wrong with it. Yes,the latter is what I was thinking. But, then again. I read the Buyer reviews..."does that throw a hint to where this can be found, yet?"

AMAZON, yes!

I really took my time to read all the reviews. Studied what the good the bad were. And still said. "How can I go wrong!"

The reviews are 95% great. And one reviewer pointed out that, "really, how bad can it be? "You can always return it, and how many line manufactures are there. A handful? That make all the same lines across the Globe?" And if we're talking Japanese braided line. They sure do take their fishing serious over there. So can it be all that bad?"  

So, take it or leave it. It really doesn't matter to me.

Here's the ""L-I-N-K""

Shop and you'll see that YES you can pay a lot less, and save the cash for buying gas or shrimp, instead.

Read the reviewers comments. Look at all the brands you don't recognize. They are the Japanese brand braided lines. But it's easy to see the price differences. And instead of YARDS, the line is in METERS.  So just get B-U-L-K!

That's what I'm doing!


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