Monday, November 4, 2013

11/3 - It blew like hell....

Day after the "famed" Florida/Georgia football rivalry game, and largest tailgate party, and day of the "fall back" time change.

But for us, it was 20-25 kts. at the Mayport jetties. And it's been a long time since I've seen inside the rocks, (between the North & South Jetty) so rough.

Solid whitewater, folding over swells, tall as roof tops. The marine weather channel said, "8-10 foot seas  EXPECTED".

But, we got there some what dry, and before the push of the rising tide really slopped it up, bad. At one point, the end of the south jetty would go under water for about 100+ feet. Rounding the end of the south was do'able. But you'd need a "pilot boat" or better to go around the North jetty, for sure.

I had shrimp. That was it. We needed "cut-bait", badly. There's no Croakers on the shallower southside, my main cut bait at the Jetties for big Redbass, (Redfish-Red Drum etc.)

So I saw an ole friend, who's a Roe Mullet castnetter, in his little 17' Carolina Skiff, who showed up with the other 10 "larger" boats hunting the mullet. I yelled to him and asked if he could give me a few big Mullet for cut bait. He did. And just two 15" Mullet lasted us all day long.

The south Florida boys, Enrique and Dave were ready to go for anything that will bite.

I knew with this "front" pushing in (aka: full-blown Nor'easter) as the clouds came and went, and winds steady. If I could stay anchored. Because my "reef/rock anchor", kept pulling loose as the boat yanked up on the swells. That we could get some action going......

Hell, these boys were on the JETTYWOLF. We come to take a big bite!

As we lost fish, chased down "mystery fish", and sorted through small Sharks, Seabass, and Kitty Cats.
It ended up that by the time the tide turned, and the wind laid down a bit. The seas inside the rocks totally calmed right down.

And we were all alone!  Everyone left. There was maybe 5 boats out there, when we arrived just after 8am.

But as the tide got lower, we lost all current, the water got dirty, and only the Catfish would bite. So we headed back, after our day of action.


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