Saturday, November 2, 2013


What a sought after day....the day before the Fla/Ga. football game rivalry.....

I had a customer from Ga. who would come down to fish. "If there were trout to catch". NOT!

I had a call yesterday morning at 6:30am as I backed the boat off the trailer from a guy who was hoping he could get out on 11/2 with friends.

I had Julie wanting to get friend Scott, from N. Dakota out on Friday. Because it was Scott's birthday.

Well, Julie won out. Because the absence of any Trout bites, because of all the Junk fish, still swarming in the 72-74 degree water in November has the Trout fishing FUTILE at this point.

B-U-T......the BIG REDFISH, are sure chewing! Usually, by now they start to slow down. And by the 7th-12th of the month are really winding down the big chew before heading offshore for the colder months, as the baitfish become scarcer.

Probably, NOT this year. Unless something radical happens.

And today, from start to finish it was BRUTUS T. REDBASS, galore!!!!!!!!

Of course, the 1st one is always caught on a piece of dead shrimp as we catch the "carpeting" the bottom ever present Croakers. (the only little fish I don't mind, because they are great baits, and just fun.) Plus, if little Croaks are all over. Most likely, there's a big Redbass lurking around them.

We lost count of how many Julie & Scott caught. From ONE keeper at 27" up to fish in the high twenties. Kept these anglers very, very busy. Using LT- light tackle. The lightest bottom tackle I own.

And it's so much fun watching the rods bend like a horse shoe!  I love my "light action" UGLY STIK Striper rods. They have to be my all-time favorite rods. Because I love the bend.  

Here's some Photo high-lights of the day:

We even took a "rest room" break in the middle of the day. And then came back to the excat spot and worked them over again.......Last hook up, Julie got worked over.

Lookie at the gal, lay into the rod!!!! 


Anonymous said...

Great Day indeed, Captain Dave... But where's my "last catch of the day" 100lb Nurse Shark?

Capt. Dave Sipler said...

I didn't get a photo of it, since I was leader man....
Just you, before walking backwards, hahahahahaha