Thursday, December 26, 2013

12/26 - One more BIG Holiday left......

Get your NEW YEARS charter booked now!  It's the last Holiday left for at least a little while.
And I can say the Trout are chewin'. It took long enough....

Because we caught them today. There was no one around. The weather was just this side of "iffy".
But one thing for sure was that it was the Coldest day so far for me on the water.
And that's a good thing. It'll keep them chewin'.

It's supposed to be cold in the Winter. Not 84 degrees and perpetual summer. So, you may have to bundle up.

It was overcast, and slightly breezy. But nothing too bad. It looked as if it was going to rain all day. But it was too cold for it to do that.

Had Dennis and his son Seth aboard. Ready for action. The bites today weren't thru the roof. But we all caught decent fish. 99% Trout, with a 1% Bluefish tossed in because....."it's winter".

Some throw-backs at 14 inches. But if the regs were not so "treehuggerish" we would had a really good box of fish. But since it's "treehuggerish" in Florida. We ended up with  2-Croakers on float-rigs and live shrimp and 6 keeper Trout, to take home.

Enough for a Fish Fry!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great day on the water Dave!!! I learned a lot about float rig fishing and what to look for in a good spot for trout and redfish! Again thanks for the fun day! Dennis Mills

Capt. Dave Sipler said...

Thanks Dennis, had a ball on the chilliest day so far in 2013. But, what makes my job fun is being able to share the resource with others that appreciate it, as I do.