Wednesday, January 15, 2014

12/15 - Jettywolf goes with REC-MOUNTS, for all GoPro's

From the desk of the Jettywolf at

Just bought two of these for my Hero 2's and this fella even though I can't understand what he's saying, I still get his problem. He wants to simply clip his GoPro on.

Rec-mounts Rotary Clip Mount for Gopro :

ME TOO!!!!!!!!

So, I'm looking forward to NO headstrap mounting, no ball cap mounting, just clip that HERO cam to my jacket and go to a boat show, a walk along the shore (boring, just kidding) Out fishin? While eating Pizza and drinking PBR's? to the bait shop?

All like a spy cam, while not being a SPY! Just Cappy Dave out doin' stuff.  Stuff on the boat, as a Dodge Cummins Diesel driver cam, ya know, fun stuff.

Check it out, even though not cheap. Its a one and only.

Too Cool, finally not just for the hero 3


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