Thursday, January 2, 2014

12/31 - Those crazy Tides!!!!

Yep, it was that time O' the month. A winter time NEW MOON. The current was on the ridicules side of bazzaro.  SMOKIN' is another way of saying it.

Which for us "float-riggers" is a tough time upon the not so slow and lazy St. Johns River, as it has been referred to.

Guess, who ever called it that wasn't in the Mayport area. But rather 100 miles south.

And of course it was a Holiday. And that meant the river "around the HUB" was a real zoo.

Had Tim & Logan aboard and our day started at 8:30am. Because I had all the perfect plans set up for a day just like the day before.

But being that it was a zoo. I couldn't go to where I wanted to fish. Because someone sat there camped out catching most likely damn near squat. Cause I watched them.

But we ended up catching some small Trout, many Bluefish, a few keeper Trout, and had many a Sheepshead bite. With Tim connecting once.

But, while waiting for some falling tide and waiting when the tide would be right on the spot I wanted to fish (which we got japped out of a minute before I was to start the engine and make the 25' move)
We bottom fished and had 2 eels, and a few Croakers. Yes, (2) eel's!  Those fish that in another world maybe considered super gamefish.....Unfortunately, NOT on the Jettywolf, or in NE Florida. 

They weren't looking for keeper fish. So I suppose any action would do. And action was kinda hard to stay in. Because of the super current. But we did find action, if actually found a "spot" without a human sitting anchored upon it.

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