Saturday, January 4, 2014

Ole Man Winter.....similar to 2011

Well, he's here.

Especially when ya see this.....

Finally. After a summer like fall season. With what seemed like months with 80 degree days, with a few cooler sprinkled in. I believe winter is finally here.

Same as 2011...It took aloooooong time to cool off that fall, but when winter came. It came setting temp records in NE Florida.

But the Trout chewed like mad that fall-winter. Hmmm, wonder what the difference is?


I was out today. Yeah Saturday!!
(why we didn't go on Sunday was beyond me.) 

20 knots Noreast, temp feeling like 30 degrees!

Had a late caller, on thursday. Wanted today, didn't discuss weather. So either did I. 

4- persons. Departing at 8am.

I saw the weather coming and after I was at the boat ramp on Thursday night at the fishing club meeting. I knew going in that today would test everyone BUT me, I can take it. Because I know how to come prepared.

"Eagle Scout", That's me. 

I get to the boat ramp and it's USDA registered heinous. But, my crew arrives. I was a bit shocked.

Dressed right? A few may have been, a few may not have been.

remember this:

"a hooded sweatshirt is a fisherman's friend."

One had a hooded jacket on. 

4 spots later...float-rig fishing and bottom fishing we had 2 throw-back skinny 13" Trout, 2- Skates, and 4 sand Trout.

Needless to say, yes there were other's out there. "It's a Saturday" right? They have to go!

The current was relentless "Flooding tide" because we're just coming off the New Moon. And the wind was NE which pushes the water even higher.

I call a "rising tide", near a Moon, with a NE wind at 20+ knots a K.O.D. day (kiss of death).


It was just Monday when I had a beautiful falling tide, blue skies, 2 good fisherman, and light to variable winds and we wore out the big Trout.

It can be that way.....

Looking forward: Wanted, mid day low tide at Jetties!!
                                 Target species  BLACK DRUM
                                 Bait:    Loads of dead shrimp I have
                                 Reason:   Testing New Daiwa Saltist 20HC reels
                                 Video:   Review


NEED ANGLER(S)not 4....(just 2-3)
                                          Ready to go!
                                          With Hoods on Jackets!!
                                          Dressed for success!!

What I'd like to target:

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