Sunday, March 23, 2014

3/21-22 - SPRING BREAK at the Jetties!

It was a hell of a two days.....

** First day, we saw some dude sitting on the end of the North Jetty, flip his boat over. Y-E-S, 17-18' boat completely upside down!!!

** Then, in a matter of a few days earlier in the week when it was raining & blowin'. The GREEN SCOURGE fish showed up like a locust invasion!!  Small Bluefish, everywhere.
Day one we managed to actually somehow catch about 12-14 Trout, amongst the green bastards.
How that happened was beyond me, but we did.

** Day 2, not so lucky. Couldn't pull anything out of the jetties on the float-rigs and live shrimp, because of the "little Green scourges" aka: Bluefish. So, we concentrated on catching some Black Drum.

** On Thursday, I hurt my right hand THUMB. Believe it or not, working on my shrimp boat sharkin reels. Changing the drag washers out to greased carbon fiber drags. My right hand is everything! And as we talked about it. Pure torture would be living with no "thumbs". Forget water boarding....that's mild.
No thumbs, and you're really screwed. Swollen, and so painful...I still cleaned fish each day, tied knots that held, and yanked on the anchor line. HOW, I don't know!!  Now, I'm on pharmaceuticals.....

** The Drum only bit for me on the last of the flood tide...."LIKE THE EXACT LAST HOUR!!"
On Saturday. Zero on the morning's last of the falling tide. Crazy S.O.B's.  It can be a long wait.



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