Wednesday, April 2, 2014

4/1 - NO April fools here......Jus' Redbassin'

My super pleasure to have Bob "Traveller" Johnson aboard the Jettywolf, one mo' time!

"We Never have a bad day together".....says Bob.  And he's right!

For some reason, "his quiet concentration, and my go nutz excitement, make for a great combo I suppose"

"click on this reports title, to read Bob's comment on the day"

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Anonymous said...

Captain Dave - Thank you for another epic day of fishing on the Jetty Wolf! My arms were getting worn out from fighting oversize reds all day long - which is a great feeling. Every time I go fishing with you, I learn several new things about inshore fishing I ever knew before. You're like an encyclopedia of trout and redfish in the St. John's River, but a whole lot more fun! Thanks again - and I'll see you on the water.