Thursday, April 3, 2014

4/3 - WHAT?.......Mo' Redbass?

Yep. And todays breeze didn't help the float-rig fishing either. So after playing around with that. We gave up and hit the bottom.....hard!

But, let me back up first.

Had Rex and Tina aboard at 8am. At 9:30am I only had Rex aboard.

Although it was what I'd call pretty darn "slick slick slick" this morning. Tina lasted through a few really nice sized Whiting on the bottom  and then said, "take me back". She just couldn't hang on the boat. But was amazingly feeling better as we ran back to the dock!

So, she played landlubber, and me and her hubby headed straight back out to the jetties.
As I said, the float-rig'n wasn't going to work. So we bottom fished and it didn't take long and we were into "OVER-SIZED" Redfish (aka: Too Big to keep)

But we also boxed a dozen or so nice fat Whiting for a visit to Singletons seafood shack afterwards. So to have Singletons fry them up for dinner later on.

Here's the high lights, in Photos!!!   Yes, Photos!  Which is rare for me I know. But video would be too time consuming this evening.

I'm tired and sun burnt.


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