Saturday, June 14, 2014

6/12-6/13 - From wind & seas to BIG battles:

Thursday, 6/12 - I had three super nice folks aboard from Texas. We ran out to the shrimp boats first off. The wind was 15 kts at least out of the west. The seas weren't all that bad at first.

I tried something different...."trolling behind the shrimpers."  I used large spoons and BIG TACKLE just incase.

Whoa, did we have a lot of hits. With limited hook-ups. But we did have a hook-up that was damn near INCREDIBLE!

The spoon got slammed and the Daiwa 900H - 9/0's drag smoked off with at least 20 lbs. of drag pressure and it just kept going and going. The "whatever" stayed on for a few moments as my Angler picked up the rod and just held on!

Then, the rod's bend went slack. Whatever that was got off.  After reeling 300 yards of 60# Mono back on the spool, we found the spoon and the H.D. rigging along with it perfectly intact.

Whatever that fish was sure was a MONSTER. 

Come to find out, I believe because of the choppy seas, and very over-cast conditions. The large and very heavy spoons were getting hit and short striked most likely from Giant Jack Crevalles (???)
Because the next day while my crew battled heavy weight Blacktip sharks. We had a huge Jack lurk around the boat.

Either way, one of my crew was seasick. So we headed back in. She couldn't snap out of the sea sickness. So I took the other two crew members left up into the river, looking for big Redbass.
All we got before the HUGE WALL OF RAIN, ran us back to the ramp was a Stingray and a small Shark. So soaked to the bone, we called it a day. 


Friday 6/13, day of the FULL Moon!
Did ya get that?

FRIDAY THE 13TH.......w/ a FULL MOON?????

Had Jim and his son Joe and his daughter Jackie. Great Crew!!!!!!!
Totally into it.  

First off, because of the L-o-n-g morning incoming tide. We started out in the river looking for Big Reds, only to have Joe on a 20+lb. Stingray for a long time. Then, Jackie got the only Redbass.
A pretty 31 incher. Then the current died off...

So we headed to the "outside" into the Atlantic and chased a few Shrimp boats looking for some ARM strain.

Well, Joe was 1st up and boy did the boy get some arm strain!!!!!!!!!

I've decided to use the super Heavy Duty rods and reels. 7' solid glass rod, with the 9/0 Daiwa with serious CRANKIN' power!

Add the lap belt gimble and even the back harness. REASON: Most people need it. They're not used to the PULL they'll get. And all the larger tackle and harness' help them get a real chance, without being so drained.

Learning myself. That BIG PULLERS, are many times, a bit much for folks with anything "lighter".

Here's what I took, of the brave anglers HOOKED UP, while strapped in!!!!!



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