Sunday, June 15, 2014

6/15- Holiday weekend.......

Yet another Holiday weekend. Father's Day. And two shrimp boats to be had all day long.
And neither produced much action at all.
Maybe it's the full moon?

But weekends usually means, not that many Shrimpers working. So when we had almost zero action behind them. We went and got Pogies and chummed our own waters. Out at 60' deep in the SE Hole area. And still ZERO!

All the while, the reports of Kingfisherman trolling are hooking up big Bulls and Tiger sharks well offshore. In which I can go if:

-It's not rough, so as my crew isn't sea sick
-If I get my usual rate...discounting and running 50 miles round trip doesn't cut it.

But I'd L-O-V-E to get two "ANGLERS" who have the patience and fortitude to do a BIG...really BIG-time Shark chumming trip offshore, someday. Just like I'd love to hook-up on a 500 pounder!!!!!

So, with the whole shark chumming and run & gun behind the two shrimpers NOT panning out today.
Justin and I ended up at the jetties on the rising tide for "I.G"-instantaneous gratification, Redbass action.


Had a few of these hooked up and the larger 30" class. And a few Seabass with one 13 incher that went on ice and a Whiting. Then, the tide turned and we sat thru the stingray tide, AKA: Falling Tide. I saved and dispatched the Stinger for Tuesday Shark bait. That I'll need.
Love free bait and Sharks hate stingers. So I hope they like "fillet of Stinger" on Tuesday when I'm back at it again.  Gotta love a weekday!

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