Wednesday, June 18, 2014

6/17 - Weekday Slammin' for two!

Well, there's nothing like a weekday (even in the summer). Hit it early with the Shelton's.

1st off...."Runnin' & Gunnin'" behind the shrimp boats for some FAST action on Blacktips & Spinner Sharks.

Started out with the "L.T." - light tackle. But here' the deal. Okuma is Crap! At least the Strike Zone sidewalk sale rods I bought for $15 each are. Number two snapped in half!  Thank goodness I had the "HD"- solid glass rods and 9/0 Daiwa's on board too. Finished off several 75-100 lb. Blacktip Sharks
with those rods and reels.

GO solid glass or Ugly Stik or just don't go. That's what it'll be for me from now on.

OKUMA CONVECTOR "CRAP" #2 that Broke in same spot....Into garbage!

Time for Inlet action. Lost a big Redbass and even had a Nurse Shark from 50' below.