Sunday, July 27, 2014

7/26 - Jacksonville's Mayport Jetty Shark Fishing

The ZOO is finally over!
Greater jax Kingfish tournament(s) and that weekend Red Snapper season, all at the same time.

I guess we can get back to "REGULAR'ness?" And the boat ramp can go back to normal?

Shrimp boat sharks, have all been small to damn near nothing worth doing.
But, as the tide falls at the they come. (Blacktips and Spinners, and other drag smokin' mystery giants)

While just fishin', your line starts to move away at a very fast pace. Whatever you have hooked up will get eaten. As soon as that tide starts to fall along the outside of the rocks.

99% of everyone out there, is not prepared.

After loosing rig after rig. We stepped up the tackle. Ronny and I worked (2) absolute freight trains. One on light tackle and one on what should have been the perfect tackle. Only to have broke off rigs again!

So, I stepped it up to 9/0 reel with a "unlimited" monster rod. To just get Ronny any SHARK!
He was basically the "newbie" on the boat.....and he sure did get an education today.

From: Sea Bass (of course) to Bonnethead Sharks to Freight Trains, to Blacktip Sharks.


And a cooler full of decent "fish fry" Whiting they left me, and a Jetty Spadefish.

NOTHING FANCY, 2 pounds of dead shrimp. Croakers for bait, a lot of re-rigging all day long. And then a stuck anchor at days end that needed to be "perplexed" loose out of the jetty rocks.

Ronny was feeling a bit seasick most of the day. Sure glad I didn't run to a offshore reef to  do my Sharkin'. The word first thing this morning was once past the Sea Buoy it was very swells very close.

So I spun around and went straight to the North Jetty.


More to come. THIS WEEK.

So.....stay tuned.

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