Monday, July 28, 2014

7/27 - Just Jetties....

Had Thomas and Curtis aboard for "jus' jetty fishing" today in the blowin' 15 knot due WEST winds that was a huge pain.

A few Blacktip Shark bites and hook-ups (LOST), a 30+ pound Redbass, lots of Croakers (bait) and a few real nice sized Whiting, and a 100 pound Nurse Shark. Rounded out the day.

The wind was the problem. Not a great direction, and kept blowing us off anchor.

Here's some PICTURES of the day. No video today....sorry. Wore out from editing others.

Starting off the morning at the bait shop, then sat in Navy traffic for 30 minutes.
Wonder why the hell I moved 5 minutes from the boat ramp, when I can't even get to the damn boat ramp from all the squid traffic. Not a fan of the Navy. Also lost valuable fishing shoreline, that I make my living from, in which I can't fish any longer. Thanks to them also.

A reason to fish outside the jetty rocks....SHIPS?

Here's the Big Redbass: OVER 30#'s

Here's a small catch that Thomas made. The cute little Octopus. These guys are smart and so clever.

After loosing a few Jetty Blacktip Sharks. Thomas caught a 100 pound Class Nurse Shark on a mutilated via a Blacktip, what was a live Croaker. Which was perfect food for the Nurse Shark.

Fishing got really tough as the day wore on. So we headed back to the dock at 1:30pm

Wednesday-Thursday -Sunday, at this time.
-hope the wind stops.

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