Thursday, August 14, 2014

8/14 - BIG Shark charters in Jax? LOL!!!

Yeah, as usual I had huge plans. This summer was going to be a total experiment. And the facts are in, already in my book.

I wanted to do max. two persons, with "REEL GUYS" and target the truly big sharks just offshore.
And as you can plainly see here on my reports, it's not what I've been doing much of so far.....

"Yeah me and the family would like to go out shark fishing for the big ones. We surf fish......."

"I want the biggest shark ever. How much???"

So far all summer I've had TWO...count them ONE+ONE=TWO times that we did what we needed to do to target REAL Sharks. And out of two attempts, we caught one MONSTER. Okay not bad, that's 50/50.

Let's see what else I have tried in Jacksonville during the summer...
Oh yeah, years ago I was going to run out and try nothing but "vertical jigging" aka: Butterfly jigging methods. Bought the tackle, went over board and had ONE GUY who I did it with and it was a great success. Loads of Amberjacks and Cuda's. But hell, this is J-ville, not Miami. That's for sure.
After awhile I gave it up. And sold all the tackle that was needed. Experienced Fisherman is what that took.

The morale of the story is there just isn't enough die-hards that fish Jax. I'm not running offshore with the Family Affair thing. I need just a couple "REEL GUYS", ones that have fishing experience. Someone who understands that a 500 pound Bull, Tiger, or whatever Shark isn't going to be
"I.G." - Instantaneous Gratification!!!!!!! 

We may or we may not even get a bite. Again, this is J-ville. Not 2 miles off of Palm Beach in "Gulf Stream waters".

No matter what I do, I have the best intentions. Problem is, I guess it's only what "I WANT TO DO".
I wanted to be in the Newspaper with huge Shark catches all summer. Get them to the boat, make no mistakes, not just break a rod each time out.

Yes, it's frustrating. I get e-mails, "I'm not interested in Sharks, I just want Kings and Cobia". 
Well, that's your first problem.
Fishing isn't a trip to the Walmart!  I do SPORT FISHING CHARTERS. Not, GROCERY STORE CHARTERS, especially during the summer.

When I'm anchored up on a reef. There's no telling what we'll catch. My second attempt at offshore BIG Sharkin', we didn't catch any Sharks, but we had 3 Cobia come up around the boat and caught one. Along with a Snapper and had a blast catching very willing Cuda's.....about 20 of them!

My customer Chris, that was on that particular trip said it best;
"I go fishing the way you should approach finding a good woman. Don't Go Looking, for that particular one. Just go have fun, and then all of a sudden. You'll catch the fish on your bucket list, and meet the gal of your dreams! It's all just fishing, either one, RIGHT?"

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