Monday, September 1, 2014

9/1- LABOR DAY (one month closer to winter)


Had Colin & Suzie aboard today. They were out on the Jettywolf, last January when it was cold as all hell. And the TROUT & REDS were chewin' up live shrimp on "float-rigs" like mad, along the big rocks.

We'll Colin wanted to get Suzie (the gal who took the super Dolphins shots, I have displayed on the right side bar of this blog) on some big Sharks behind the shrimp boat....."jus' for Fun!"

So we left out and headed straight to the North Jetty. Anchored up, and fished pieces of Shrimp on the bottom and filled the livewell with Sand Trout, Croakers and Whiting.

LIVE WIGGLERS is what I call'em. Absolutely guaranteed to get eaten and FAST, behind the shrimp boats!!!

Go catch Pogies all ya want. Drive around up and down the beach. Sweat, and throw that cast net.
NOT ME. I like fishing. And like fishing for our baits. BIG BAITS.

I do fishing charters. Not running around, castnet charters.

It's what I've always done.

Well, we had Suzie hooked up time after time on Sharks. But just not ones BIG enough. Huge for her.
But Colin and I wanted her on a truly large puller.

And right at the end of the day, on the last bait, as the shrimp boat the "Dying Breed" pushed bycatch over the side Suzie hooked up to the one.

Eating her live wiggler and flying through the air and splashing. Finally a B-I-G Spinner or Blacktip like we had Yesterday!!  

(Each and every day is completely different. This is bazzaro world Florida. I cannot count on anything...I believe I have preached that now for 18 years.)

Suzie fought the Shark as it screamed out line. She just a little thing. And her back and arms were beginning to GIVE OUT.

Colin took over, and then we lost it!  He reeled in the line and the stainless steel 10/0 straight hook we were using was BENT OPEN!

Never have I had one of these hooks B-E-N-D. Holy smokes. We may not have had the bit in the horses mouth. After all the jumping the shark did, who knows where that hook ended up.

Yesterday we had a small Sharpnose shark hooked in the side. So, it's a mystery sometimes what happens out there behind the boat when these sharks are in a frenzy and swiping at the baits.

I gave Suzie the hook and said, I can't have this. You have it. It's bad mojo for me to keep it.
It'll be a reminder to you, of the power these sharks have. And a reminder of the BIG one that got away.

Sometimes, they WIN.

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